Hi, I’m Eric Davis.

More than just about anything, you want to make a good impression with a homepage. But that can lead to very boring and stilted writing as you try to please everyone. So you try to inject some of your personality into it as a counterbalance. After all, what’s the point of having a personal site if it doesn’t have your voice?

Professional but with some personality. A decent enough end goal. Trying to hit that sweet spot between LinkedIn and Tumblr.

What would that be? Maybe “Twitter voice”?

And then comes the question of what to write about!

Do you dive right into biography and personal facts? If that’s the play, I would write something like:

I’m a programmer living in Las Vegas with my wife and daughter.

What’s that?
Ah, yes, at least it’s a dry heat.

Or do you start with interests? Now we’re cooking. Because that feels like a good fit for a personal website. With that, maybe I’d go with:

Technology: I learned how to build websites from a tutorial on the AOL.com homepage back in 2003 and just never really stopped after that. Now I get paid to build websites, which is very cool. The sites I build now are way more complicated than the stuff I learned in 2003, but I suppose that’s what the money is for.

Along the way I learned how to run servers to host websites.

Sports: People who call it “sportsball” are lame. Sports are great. I follow baseball, football, and hockey primarily. I used to follow basketball but don’t much these days.

I also got into sports betting a couple years ago. Maybe that was fate given I was born in Las Vegas. Betting is a lot of fun if you like sports and technology. Something I’ve wanted to write for awhile now is “The Hacker’s Guide to Sports Betting” which would demystify sports betting for analytically minded folks.

Last Updated: May 2023